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Our Training Approach

Staff training and elearning have evolved with changes in technology as well as changes that are taking place with the demands of regulatory compliance and risk management.

Our training and elearning courses are being reworked to recognized these trends.

Our current focus is on micro learning where course material is developed in small “chunks” made available on any device so that employees can learn whenever they have time.

We offer our courses through a Learning Management System (LMS) so that employees can answer questions to track their progress towards meeting learning goals.

Courses can be taken with or without questions. However, we encourage employers to use our LMS tools to measure the effectiveness of their training efforts.

Our training and elearning course catalogs are available through our training website.

Please review our course catalog on this website.

Courses can be purchased individually on this website or we can offer cost-effective monthly and annual subscriptions including an “All Access” annual pass for access to all courses in our catalog.

We look forward to serving your training and elearning needs!

Sincerely, Gary Deutsch, CEO and founder of 10minute.training and BRT Publications LLC

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